What is Phototelling?

Phototelling is a visual storytelling service that can help you extend the reach and further the impact of your marketing investment through a combination of two of the most powerful means of message delivery … photography and storytelling … Phototelling.




Life, Events and Work Experiences as Art

Work, factory, office, meeting, event. They’re all a part of the daily stories we weave that define many of the hours that make up our day. In many instances, we spend more time with our work colleagues than our families. Quite simply, these experiences make up the essential fabric of our lives.

Most often, however, these experiences remain undocumented and lost as we rush on to new opportunities, higher quotas and the next deadline. Phototelling is dedicated to the capture, preservation and telling of these stories.

Phototelling documents your organization’s unique narrative to inspire clients, customers, potential hires, coworkers, bosses, friends and family to a richer understanding of your business, organization, meeting or event.



How does it work?

Phototelling provides you with a photojournalistic approach that can be as simple as telling a story through a ‘day in the life’ approach or in-depth special event coverage. You decide how you want the story to be covered and Phototelling will make an on-site photojournalist available to record the event.

Afterward, Phototelling will provide you with the images, prints, slideshows, video, photo books and even the social media update you need to publicize your organization’s story. The resulting images can be used to build your corporate or event library, online presence, marketing/branding materials, recruiting and sales presentations.



Phototelling is the edge you need …

The marketing playing field is evolving rapidly. Social and online media is rife with photo and video footage that can make or break a brand, service or product’s image … especially if it documents a company’s customers interacting with that brand. Phototelling can capture the moments and stories you need to deliver your message succinctly or through long, extended campaigns and customer testimonials.



Whether it involves work, office, assembly line, meeting or event … make Phototelling a part of the story that defines the success of that experience. If the special event, meeting or successful day-to-day team interaction is worth putting on, it’s worth capturing, preserving and Phototelling!